Undergraduate Programme (for students starting 1st year as of 2014-2015) Course List

Compulsory Departmental Courses

Free Elective

Service Courses Taken From Other Departments

Area Elective

Area Elective

Area Elective

Area Elective

Area Elective

General Elective

Compulsory Departmental Courses

ETI101 - English Writing Skills I
Paragraph writing; different forms of essay writing such as narrative, descriptive, process, cause and effect, comparison and contrast; theoretical information to avoid faulty and illogical sentence construction, disorganised and incomplete paragraphs.

ETI102 - English Writing Skills II
Information on the purpose/function of a piece of writing; discourse markers appropriate to each genre; theoretical information to avoid faulty and illogical sentence construction, disorganized and incomplete paragraphs; different writing techniques for special purposes such as business letters and cv.

ETI105 - Linguistics and Translation
Principal schools of linguistics in the 20th century; basic concepts, principles, methods and branches of linguistics with their fields of application; associations with other relevant disciplines and specifically for translators.

ETI106 - Current Issues
Social, economic, and political issues in the national and international agenda; hot material depending on the current affairs in the world; domain specific terminology.

ETI107 - Spoken English I
Formal and informal speech situations; speech presentation, debates; theory of communication, functions of communication; basics of outlining and organising a speech and talking about timely topics and expressing opinion.

ETI110 - Research Techniques
Argumentation and synthesizing of information; a set of process-based writing activities based on the academic writing theory; citing information (quoting, paraphrasing, summarising) in APA format.

ETI112 - Spoken English II
Theory of communication event, functions of communication and dynamics of speech; basics of outlining and organising a speech; persuasive and argumentative speeches; group discussions and debates.

ETI151 - Text Studies for Translation
Theoretical background information on various concepts including translation, text types, etc.; discussion of these concepts; applying theoretical analysis on different text types such as informative, expressive and operative.

ETI200 - Introduction to Translation
Discourse, register, context, skopos and commissioning in various text types. Step by step introduction to the practice of translation in informative and operative texts

ETI203 - Language Use in Various Fields I
Text types; language use in various fields; terminology-based studies.

ETI205 - Discourse Analysis
Critical and systematic discourse analysis; elements that determine various uses of discourse; form, content and style; speech act theory; seven standards of textuality.

ETI206 - International Politics
UN General Assembly discussion topics; discussion of political agenda and issues of UN Member States; UN General Assembly discussion simulations; Model UN discussion simulations.

ETI209 - European Culture and Institutions
European culture, history and civilization beginning from ancient times until 21st century; concepts such as democracy, human rights, enlightenment, Renaissance, Reform.

ETI211 - Listening Comprehension and Oral Presentation I
Listening activities for translation and interpretation students; famous and current speeches; speeches on various topics such as international relations, European Union, British culture, education system, etc.

ETI212 - Listening Comprehension and Oral Presentation II
General listening skills on topics such as politics, diplomacy, technical issues; concentration and note-taking skills for various formal and informal speeches.

ETI220 - Language Use in Various Fields II
Text types; language use in various fields; terminology-based studies, translation activities.

ETI303 - Translation of Texts on Social Sciences
Translating social sciences texts such as sociology, psychology, history, culture, etc; domain-specific terminological study.

ETI307 - Sight Translation
Basic sight translation skills; exercises with paraphrasing, chunking; good speaking skills; exercises with complex sight translation texts.

ETI308 - Translation of Medical Texts
All types of medical texts containing grammatical, conceptual domain-specific terminology and their translations.

ETI310 - Communication and Media Translation
Newspaper articles, leads, headlines, pyramid and inverted pyramid models and their translation activities; history of journalism; emerging news media and technology.

ETI311 - Note Taking
Rozan note-taking techniques; original speeches about current affairs; visual and audio materials.

ETI312 - Publishing and Editing
Analysis and practice of editing, grammar, punctuation in literary and non-literary translated texts.

ETI317 - Introduction to Interpreting I
Basic interpreting skills; active listening skills; paraphrasing, memory and retention skills, etc.; short consecutive interpreting exercises.

ETI318 - Introduction to Interpreting II
Fundamental interpreting skills; active listening and note-taking skills; consecutive and on-sight interpreting exercises; memory and retention skills, etc.

ETI319 - Translation Theory
The science of translation; prescriptive translation theories; descriptive translation studies; functional and communicative approaches to translation; post-colonial theories.

ETI402 - Translation Criticism
Translation criticism; shifts of expression; acceptability; adequacy; translational loss and gain, Descriptive Translation Studies; Van den Broeck's model.

ETI409 - Translation of Texts on Law and International Affairs
Concepts and language of law and international relations; translation of texts on law and international relations; different types of legal and international relations texts such as contracts, power of attorney, resolutions and recommendations.

ETI410 - Translation Traineeship
Minimum of 20 working days of traineeship; traineeship file; translator's responsibilities and rights.

ETI411 - Consecutive Interpreting
Note-taking skills, active listening exercises, consecutive interpreting exercises

ETI412 - European Union Studies and Translation
Texts regarding relations with the EU; the nature and characteristics of the acquis communautaire; the sources of difficulty in translation of EU texts; EU terminology.

ETI416 - Translation of Texts on Economics and Commerce
Format, style and expression in the texts concerning economics, commerce and banking; sample translations, vocabulary study and analysis of the economic language.

Free Elective

- General Elective

Service Courses Taken From Other Departments

CMPE103 - Introduction to Computers
Fundamentals of information systems, system and application software; input, processing, storage, output and communication; exploring the windows environment; networking and communication; internet applications; use of applications software: word processing and creating presentations, integrating and sharing information between applications.

HIST101 - Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution I
The decline of the Ottoman Empire and the developments leading to the Turkish Revolution.

HIST102 - Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution II
Foundation of the Turkish Republic and principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

TURK 101 - Turkish Language I
Historical development, structure, and usage of Turkish language, Practice on texts.

TURK 102 - Turkish Language II
Historical development, structure, and usage of Turkish language, Practice on texts

Area Elective

ETI201 - Media and Journalism
The concept, importance and subject matters of media and journalism; inverted pyramid structure; headline grammar and vocabulary; writing effective leads using 5W1H rule; journalistic terminology; text versus image in media.

ETI218 - International Institutions
General information about the structure, functions, bodies/institutions and operation mechanisms of the international organizations such as UN, the Council of Europe, EU, OSCE, NATO, OECD, WTO, the International Criminal Court, the World Intellectual Property Organisation and etc. 

ETI221 - Translation as a Profession
Legal and financial liabilities of a translator, privacy and ethical issues regarding the profession and different working models (establishing their own businesses or working as a freelance translator).

ETI224 - Introduction to Translation and Localization
The essentials of localization, the contents of localization (user manuals, IT software, websites), the relationship between translation and localization, the effect of globalization on localization, translation tools used in localization (CAT tools, translation memories, termbases, dictionaries, etc.), roles (language expert, proofreader, etc.), and workflow.

ETI252 - Grammar for Translation / Interpretation Purposes
Advanced level English grammar; vocabulary; reading comprehension; exercises on oral presentation and writing skills.

ETI322 - Types of Translation and Localization
Texts produced in different fields such as medicine, law, or technical; texts produced in different media and formats such as websites, online documents, desktop publishing, e-commerce and e-learning.

ETI403 - Localization Project Management
Project management, communication tools and strategies, concepts of time and cost, team management, project management tools, risk management and quality control.

ETI413 - Simultaneous Interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting of various speeches on different topics; booth manners; stress management during simultaneous interpreting; coping strategies for simultaneous interpreting.

ETI414 - Simultaneous Conference Interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting of 10-15 minute-longs speeches on various topics; brief history of conference interpreting in the world and Turkey; mock conference exercises; video conference practices; ethics and standards in conference interpreting.

ETI419 - General Translation I
Translation of lengthy texts on especially specialised fields such as law, medicine, science and social sciences; domain-specific terminology study in various fields.

ETI420 - General Translation II
Translation of lenghty and complex texts on especially specialised fields such as law, medicine, science and social sciences; domain-specific terminology study in various fields.Turkish.

ETI422 - Editing and Postediting in Localization
Editing and proofreading; problems related to punctuation or grammar; analysis of the translated material in terms of style (suitability for the target audience, word and terminology choice, fluency, etc.), accuracy and readability.

ETI438 - Translation of Graphic Novel and Humour
The qualities of graphic novel and humour; history of graphic novel and humour translation in Turkey; graphic novel and humour translation; challenges of graphic novel and humour translation.

Area Elective

ETI314 - Use of Computer Technologies in Translation
Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools; Terminology Management Systems (TMS); local and Internet based terminological databases (termbases); project management packages; quality assurance systems.

Area Elective

ETI407 - Literature and Translation I
Theoretical articles on literature and literary translation such as Bassnett's, Aksoy's and Lefevere's; translation of novel and short story.

ETI408 - Literature and Translation II
Translation of poems, short stories and plays; genre and style analysis with appropriate translation strategies.

ETI431 - Terminology Studies
Theoretical and practical aspects of terminology studies; techniques of how to produce electronic versions of the corpus.

ETI432 - Translation for Children
Brief history of translation of children’s literature; theoretical approaches to this type of study; problems of translation for children; translation of cartoons, advertisements for children and nursery rhymes.

Area Elective

ETI421 - Technical Writing and Translation
The nature of technical and scientific documents; the steps of technical translation; research and terminology studies on contemporary technical subjects; translating and editing the texts in the light of current methodologies.

Area Elective

ETI433 - Project Management and Localization
The managerial and technical skills for project based work; software and other electronic media for localization and project management; mock translation company project.

ETI434 - Community Interpreting
Concepts of community interpreting and public service interpreting; multidimensional structure of public service interpreting; examples of community interpreting practices at hospital, municipality, court etc. settings.

General Elective

ETI171 - Elementary French I
Basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in French

ETI172 - Elementary French II
Basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in French

ETI271 - French Reading and Writing I
Various reading and writing exercises in accordance with different writing techniques such as description and explanation.

ETI272 - French Reading and Writing II
Studies in reading, comprehension and writing activities in French in different text types and topics.

ETI371 - Introduction to French-Turkish Translation I
An overall view of French grammar in order to develop reading, understanding, writing and translation skills.

ETI372 - Introduction to French-Turkish Translation II
An overall view of French grammar in order to develop reading, understanding, writing and translation skills.

ETI471 - French-Turkish Translation I
Translating texts on various occupational fields, from literature and from current issues from French into Turkish

ETI472 - French-Turkish Translation II
Various translation practices using texts on literature, social sciences and culture from French into Turkish.