Educational Policy and The Objective of the Programme:

The four-year undergraduate programme in Translation and Interpretation Department offers an intensive and concrete vocational education covering all kinds of translation and interpretation, as well as a sound foundation comprising the terminology and the key concepts of such fields as international relations, technology, medicine, law, literature and social sciences. Conducted within a scientific framework and loaded with a healthy mixture of theory and practice, the programme furnishes its students with a superior command over the target and source languages, both written and oral. The translation and interpretation education seeks to raise professionals who are knowledgeable, eager to research and learn, multicultural, interested in current issues and cultural relations, aware of the expectations and conditions of the market, and who could utilize their knowledge and experience in translation and interpretation through scientific methods with the aid of cutting-edge technology. Since the department places equal emphasis on both translation and interpreting, the graduates will be awarded the dual title of "translator/interpreter" upon successful completion of the programme.



Translation and Interpretation Programme curriculum incorporates theoretical and practical courses that are taught using authentic material and a fully-equipped state-of-the-art simultaneous interpreting laboratory.