2017-2018 Academic Year Aptitude Test

2017-2018 academic year Aptitude Test for 4th Year Students

  • 2017-2018 Academic Year Aptitude Test is going to be held by Prof. Dr. Berrin Aksoy, Instructor Asiye Öztürk, freelance Conference Interpreter Halil İbanoğlu and Res. Asst. Özge Bayraktar Özer at FEF 209 Simultaneous Interpreting Laboratory on 11.09.2017 at 11.00.
  • The test will be composed of consecutive interpreting in both directions and On-sight interpreting from English into Turkish. Topics of the speeches are as follows:

English-Turkish Consecutive Interpreting: Artificial Intelligence

Turkish-English Consecutive Interpreting: Infectious Diseases

English-Turkish On-sight Interpreting: Pros and Cons of Brexit

  • Students who are found eligible will take ETI 413 Simultaneous Interpreting course.