Aims and Objectives of OPTIMALE

OPTIMALE is an Erasmus Academic Network involving 70 partners from 32 different European countries, 27 of which is within the EU. It aims to develop and strengthen the work being undertaken by EMT (European Masters in Translation Network) which has been set up for the recognition of the importance of the high-level training of translators. OPTIMALE intends to provide innovation and high quality in the training of professional translators. It also aims to continue, expand and update the mapping of translator training in Europe, monitor market needs and professional requirements in translator training and education, strengthen the ongoing and future translator training programmes, enhance the quality of translator trainer training, and work for greater staff and student mobility between universities within the network.

At the end of OPTIMALE, a project web site will be prepared and this web portal will make available all project outcomes and will act as a resource platform for partner institutions. The data collected will be made available via this dynamic web site. An evaluation committee will be established by the European Commission which will be responsible for external evaluation and quality control of the project outcomes and the materials available in the web portal.