Simultaneous Interpreting Laboratory

Our students can make use of the Department’s state-of-the-art simultaneous interpreting laboratory which easily accommodates 35 students. The laboratory has 25 audio units for students, as well as five fully-equipped simultaneous interpretation booths. These interpreting booths have been designed and equipped in accordance with the principles of AIIC-The International Association of Conference Interpreters and TKTD-Conference Interpreters’ Association of Turkey.

The Simultaneous Interpreting Laboratory provides students with every opportunity to practice interpreting from various sources such as video, TV, audio materials, CD, etc. Each of the closed booths has a capacity of two students and contains an LCD monitor which facilitates sight, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting practice.

Students can record audio output of their performances for self-evaluation purposes via audio units. The laboratory is also equipped with a laptop computer, a video projector and internet connection so that the students can watch and interpret streaming videos over the Internet whenever required.