Master's Programme

(Focusing on EU, Law and International Affairs Texts)

Atılım University, The Graduate School of Social Sciences is proud to announce the launch of its Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies, as of 2008/2009 Academic Year in an attempt to meet the growing need for professionally-trained translators especially in the fields of the European Union, Law and International Affairs. The program enjoys the availability of the latest technical equipment and training facilities as well as a team of highly qualified professional and academic staff. 

Upon the completion of the programme, students will have achieved the following qualities:

* Mastery of the skills and techniques of translating professionally
* An understanding and awareness of concepts and theories of translation studies and their applications in the process of translating
* Knowledge and understanding of political, cultural and institutional developments in Europe and in the world
* Academic knowledge, skills and motivation to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme

Course Structure:

The teaching of the courses lasts 2 semesters and involves two sections which cover M.A. programme with thesis and M.A. programme without thesis. The M.A. programme without thesis lasts 3 semesters and involves the submission of a Project, whereas the M.A. programme with thesis lasts 2 academic years (4 semesters in total). The last 2 semesters are devoted to an M.A. Thesis writing. In both programmes, activities of Translation and European Studies, theoretical issues such as Translation Studies, Political and International Affairs, Law, Economics and related Technical Fields are explored within the framework of their relations with translation. Students, except for international students work in both directions between Turkish and English. Students are provided with the opportunity to select from a range of available elective courses such as Linguistics, International Affairs and Cultural Studies. Upon the successful completion of the courses,  students may proceed to the M.A. Project or Thesis.

International Students:

The programme welcomes international students who are interested in pursuing a career in Translation Studies in English. Fluency in Turkish is not required but advisable for international students. For futher information on application please visit the link below:

Application for International Students

Teaching Methods:

Various methods of teaching, including tutorials, seminars, practical work, class presentations, and individual and group projects are practised as well as lectures and intensive class work.

Accessible Facilities of the Programme:

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences enjoys the availability of a Computer Laboratory, Interpreting and Language Laboratories and 2 Seminar Rooms with televisions, laptops, projectors and screens with direct internet access, and 40 computers.

Incentives to Study the Programme:

* You will be experiencing a high-quality translation training programme focusing on current affairs, EU and cultural studies.
* You will have the opportunity to have a successful career as a professional translator especially in the fields of the EU, Law and International Affairs.

Vision Statement:

Graduates of the programmes will be able to find jobs as translators in a range of organisations, including major European and International companies and Institutions, EU Twinning Projects, Translation Agencies, Media, NGO's or Goverment Departments. They may also work as freelance translators.

Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge and Cognitive Skills

* An understanding of translation theories, concepts and history, and their application to the processes used in translating
* An understanding and awareness of political and institutional developments in Europe and Turkey and on the international level within the framework of    a professional translating context
* Develop critical knowledge and understanding of Turkey-EU relations, and concepts in political science and cultural studies
* Develop translational skills to the highest possible level in terms of text analysis and terminological studies
* Knowledge and ability to use theoretical concepts in practical translation problems and situations
* Mastery of the skills and techniques of translating at professional standards

b) Scholarship, Enquiry and Research

* Develop an awareness for the problems of translation in the wider frame of international affairs and cultural studies
* Ability to reflect critically on the relationship between theory and practice
* Ability to source and utilize data from library, internet and database sources
* Ability to present well-organized, clear and consistent arguments on translation-related and European affairs topics
* Ability to use and utilize knowledge and information to support and substantiate claims

c) Industrial and Professional Practice

* Knowledge on the ethical and professional issues in translation
* Work against competitive and challenging conditions such as a series of deadlines
* Develop the ability to work independently where required; or as a part of a team

Entry Requirements:

Applicants must be graduates of higher education institutions with a B.A. (Bachelor's) Degree and a score of minimum 55 from verbal part of ALES (The Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam only given in Turkey provided by ÖSYM).  Applicants should be fluent in Turkish and English which will be scored during the aptitude test and the following interview.

In order to apply for M.A. Programme with Thesis and M.A Programme without Thesis in Translation Studies, English Language Proficiency requirements listed below must be met. Results of the exams are valid for five years.

MA Programme

International Students

YDS: 65 (with Thesis) 60 (without Thesis)

YDS: 75

TOEFL-IBT: 79 (min. 20 in Writing part)

TOEFL-IBT: 79 (min. 20 in Writing part)

IELTS: 6,5 (min. 5,5 from each section)

IELTS: 6,5 (min. 5,5 from each section)





PTE Academic: 65

PTE Academic: 65

AIYS (Atılım University English Proficiency Exam): 65

AIYS (Atılım University English Proficiency Exam): 65


ETI 500 - Seminar

ETI 501 - Translation Theories and Methods

ETI 502 - Special Topics I

ETI 503 - Special Topics II

ETI 504 - Literary Translation I

ETI 505 - Literary Translation II

ETI 506 - Linguistics and Translation

ETI 507 - Translation Criticism

ETI 508 - Translation of International RelationsTexts 

ETI 509 - Consecutive Interpreting

ETI 510 - Simultaneous Interpreting

ETI 511 - Translation of Medical Texts

ETI 512 - Legal Translation

ETI 513 - Stylistics and Translation

ETI 514 - Translation of Texts onEconomy, Finance and Banking Texts

ETI 515 - Scientific and Technical Translation

ETI 516 - Language of Journalism and Translation

ETI 517 - Comparative Translation Analysis

ETI 518 - Translation of International Organizations Texts 

ETI 519 - Translation of European Union Texts I

ETI 520 - Translation of European Union Texts II

ETI 521 - Terminology Studies

ETI 522 - Translation of European Union Acquis Communautaire Texts

ETI 523 - Publishing, Editing and Translation

ETI 525 - Textual and Discourse Analysis

ETI 526 - Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies

ETI 527 - Intercultural Communication and Translation

ETI 528 - Contemporary Translation Theories

ETI 598 - Term Project

ETI 599 - M.A. Thesis 


Contact: Prof. Dr. N. Berrin Aksoy
Tel: (0312) 586 8213